Who’s taking the picture? Is it really that hard to believe that a young, attractive female would be traveling on her own, without the financial aid or company of a man or friend?

Apparently it is, because it seems like whenever I post a photo with just me in it when I’m traveling solo, there is, without fail, at least one person who comments and says, “Who’s taking the picture?” like they’re trying to catch me claiming to be traveling solo when there’s really someone else there or something.

Well, there’s not. Unless it’s a random person or tourist that’s nearby, or a tour guide who I ask to take my picture. I’ve simply mastered every possible way to be in a picture when I travel solo, and that includes the “selfies” and “selfie-stick-selfies” that people love to taunt me about as well.

How else am I supposed to be in a picture if I’m by myself?

So, for the people wondering “who” is taking my pictures when I travel solo, the ones who think I take “selfies” because I’m obsessed with myself, and all of the awesome people who just want to know some tips on taking pictures when you travel solo, here are all my dirty little secrets. Try to contain your excitement.